School Advisory Board

An advisory board is a consultative board, made up of members from the SFdA parish community, to assist the pastor and principle with communication, development, and policy.

Persons interested in serving on the board may approach the Pastor, Principal or any board member to obtain more information.


In June 2017 the advisory board began focusing on these four goals as a Pastoral Plan. Each goal supports our mission of making SFdA the school of choice in Flagstaff.

1. Complete the build-out of the new building - When the new building opened, just like moving into a new home, there were still projects to complete. The advisory board works with faculty and staff to continuously identify and address classroom and facility needs.

2. Fully fund tuition through CEA and other STOs - Out of pocket tuition cost from families should never keep a child from an SFdA education. CEA is an Arizona state program that allows taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state taxes to the school. This lowers tuition costs and benefits all school families.

3. Enhance the relationship between our Parish and School community

4. Student enrollment/retention - There are many great schools in our Flagstaff community. Our goal is to ensure SFdA continues to provide students the strongest academic and spiritual development around.


Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month at 6:45pm. Meetings are open to all parents, unless the board needs to discuss something in Executive Session. If you have a topic for discussion please let a board member know a week ahead of time so it can be added to the agenda. This allows for productive and constructive meetings.

2021-2022 Board Members

Kathryn Feuquay, President
Kevin Conto
Jason Cota
Abraham Hiel
Kent Powell


Meeting Minutes