Tuition Rates Kindergarten - 8th Grades

Participating Catholic Rate

San Francisco de Asis Catholic School offers a discounted tuition rate for those families who are registered members, who are actively involved and participating in the parish and tithing in a recordable manner.

The reduced rate will become effective when the completed Parish Verification form, signed by the pastor is received at the school. The benefit of reduced rates of tuition to be determined annually.

2022-2023 Tuition Rates

For inquiries regarding tuition for the 2022-2023 school year, please contact the school office at 928-779-1337 to speak with Mr. Bill Carroll, Principal.

Tuition Payment Options

All families shall be expected to make tuition payments according to one of the following payment plans. Each family’s preferred manner of payment must be submitted annually at the time of student registration. Options for payment shall include:

Full Payment:

Under this plan, the entire amount of tuition is paid on or before August 1st.  This payment is made directly to San Francisco de Asis School.

Monthly Payments:

Under this plan, the entire amount of tuition is paid monthly through the FACTS Tuition Management Program.  This program is an automatic payment plan made through a checking/ savings account or credit card withdrawal. Those choosing this plan will authorize their bank to make electronic monthly payments. FACTS requires a service fee eachyear for each family set up through FACTS. There is a convenience fee that will be assessed for the credit card option.

Option A: Ten-month payment plan beginning in August
Option B: Semi-annual payment plan (August and January)

Both options will have tuition withdrawn on the 15th of each month.