Mission & Philosophy

San Francisco de Asis Catholic School, through the life and example of Saint Francis, provides a culture where all can encounter the living Christ. We become faithful disciples by Following Christ and His Church, Acquiring knowledge, Inspiring daily conversion, Taking responsibility, and Helping others.

Our Philosophy

The Catholic community of San Francisco de Asis believes children are created in God's image and therefore have great dignity. Christ is our hope and our children are the future of the Church. In the spirit of St. Francis, we embrace each child's diversity and God-given gifts.

Parents, as the primary educators, have the responsibility of the Christian faith formation and education of their children. Living Catholic teachings and traditions, both parents and parish school are dedicated to providing an environment rich in faith and excellence in education while affording opportunities to serve others. As a result, our students are inspired to a faith-filled life, in the pursuit of life-long learning and stewardship.