2nd Grade

Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson

2nd Grade

Mrs. Thompson earned her Bachelor of Science degree(s) in Elementary and Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood from Northern Arizona University. She also earned a Master of Education Degree in Special Education from San Diego State University. She has had the privilege of teaching in a variety of positions including: Second Grade (currently), Kindergarten, as a K-6 Resource Specialist, K-8 Technology, and Master Mind (a critical thinking, enrichment program.) She was blessed to attend Catholic school as part of her own foundational education. All three of her children have attended SFdA Catholic School. She feels blessed to be a part of this community as an Educator, Parent and a Parishioner.

“All things done in the classroom should lead us to Christ.”

2nd Grade Highlights

  • Reconciliation (Penance) & Spiritual Retreat
  • Superkids Language Arts: Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Decodable Reader, Fluency, and Writing. Students will explore reading using both fiction texts (trade books) and non-fiction (SUPER Magazine and Scholastic Reader.)
  • Handwriting: We use print to start the year and students will receive instruction in cursive mid-year.
  • Math in Focus: Math instruction with an emphasis on traditional and Singapore strategies. Numeracy to the 1,000’s, place value using base 10 blocks, addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, repeated addition and subtraction (multiplication and division) including arrays, standard and metric measurement, geometry, fractions, time& money. Students will also use mental math strategies throughout the year.
  • Specials: PE, Health, Fit Kids, Library, Art, and Technology
  • Discipline with a Purpose and Student Learning Expectations