School Uniform Information

School uniforms have traditionally been a hallmark of Catholic education, for several reasons:

  • Their use fosters a sense of unity and solidarity among the students of a given school.
  • Uniforms help to promote an environment of equality among students.
  • Use of uniforms eliminates difficulties in clothing selection for both students and parents.

As a visible sign and outward representation of SFdA Catholic School, uniforms should be clean, neat, and in order, reflecting a pride in appearance which is consistent with the ideals of the school.

School uniforms are required. Specifics of the dress code policy are available in the Parent/Student Handbook.  Important uniform information:

  • Uniforms may be purchased from Educational Outfitters anytime during the year.
  • Athletic or dress shoes with socks are required. 
  • Students must wear a black or brown leather belt. 

More detailed Dress Code information

Non-uniform (free dress) day requirements are strictly enforced – refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for details.

*Administration and staff reserve the right to judge what is appropriate and acceptable.